About us

I started in 1979 in a privately owned department store (think Grace Bros) a very thorough old fashioned apprenticeship where we wrapped parcels in brown paper and string and still used the traditional Lanson tubes to send money up to the cashiers office, however, most clients had accounts.

Despite traditional values and ideas, I’d had my head in publications such as L’Uomo Vogue since the age of 11, as my mother worked for Scabal, the world’s largest cloth merchant; a supplier who we still deal with today.

After working with the department store, I went on to work with independents and started buying at 19 years of age, working with mainstream luxury brands.

I started my first business at 23 years of age and had already two years previously started a business in my spare time dressing windows for clients, including The Flannels group of shops and styling exhibition stands and catalogue pages.

At 32 I worked for a clothing manufacturer, making for many luxury brands around the world, with a great teacher and influence.

I decided when I started Rhodes Wood, that it would be my own brand, single label experience for a confident man who knew quality.

I was tired of the constraints when working with most brands and I was determined that RW would encompass custom tailoring and shirtmaking alongside a ready to wear offer.

In early 2005 I bought the Leeds tailoring house of Ph. Godlove and traded there for 10 years incorporating it into the Harrogate business.

I established links with London clients and still show from there and meet clients every month.

Rhodes Wood is based in traditional values, we shy from displaying brand names on the outside of our garments, our look is of quiet understated quality with sharp lines that cut the mustard.

Our look has evolved into a quirky European look that stands out for its high quality coupled with a sharp but understated feel.

My clothes are never flashy and whilst not afraid of introducing colour, the look remains masculine and strong – dressing well, should look effortless and not contrived.

The great Coco Chanel once said “To dress well is to be able to pass through an ungainly crowd, unnoticed… yet to create a mild sensation when entering a drawing-room, containing the knowing few”.

We are often asked for advice when making wedding attire, our answer is always the same. The photographs should look as good in 30 years as they do on the wedding day itself, like good music, it stands the test of time.

As you peruse our site and if you choose to visit our store, you’ll find a little pocket of ‘old England’ where service is still paramount and our relationships with clients are based and built on trust.

Thank you for looking