Our Fabrics

Our Fabrics

I grew up in the ‘cloth’ town of Huddersfield and my mother worked for Scabal, the world’s largest cloth merchant.

I was exposed to beautiful cloth from a very young age and had my first suit by 9 years of age. Much before this I was a ‘particular‘ child who couldn’t bear ‘itchy’ woollens, handle as it’s called in the trade, meaning the feel and lustre of a cloth was important to me, as ‘itchy’ trousers would have been unthinkable.

I have worked with Huddersfield mills and Scottish tweed mills on ranges for the designer Christopher Dawes, whom I co-designed many men’s and ladies seasonal clothing ranges.

Years later, I still occasionally commission-weave a piece in an exclusive design for us (a house cloth) though more often I will work with the merchants to be able to offer a huge range across the spectrum of colour, weights and intended purpose.

We work with some of the best merchants, Scabal being one of them, along with many others who meet our exacting standards – no cut corners with underset cloths or poor finishing. I insist on the best, in order to make garments that perform and will last.

Weights from the low 200+gms up to and beyond 650gms and offer a dazzling array of colours and patterns.


How we tailor them is another story…